King’s Dharma is a work of fiction inspired by the characters, events and themes from The Ramayana, an Indian epic originally written by Valmiki. The creators of King’s Dharma: Andreas Canning and Ben Kahan, do not own the characters and events in Valmiki’s The Ramayana. King’s Dharma is not purported or believed to be part of Valmiki’s story and or storyline. This story is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to be used as an academic source.

King’s Dharma is not intended to define the characters, events and themes of The Ramayana, as it stands independent as its own story. The characters, events and themes in King’s Dharma are solely a reflection of and inspired by those in The Ramayana.


King’s Dharma, as it stands today (October 2016), is for academic purposes only and not for profit. Co-creators Andreas Canning and Ben Kahan do not own any of the copyrighted material, including: images (graphics) and music. They are used as fillers only and will not be in the final, copyrighted play. Thank you.