Tinyduino + Head Tracking?

While our search to find a location to perform our show may be lacking, our technology is not! The Technical Director and good friend, Harry, has finally given us some good news. He has been working very hard on taking a Tinyduino (an Arduino clone) and using a 9-axis IMU (inertial measurement unit; in other words, a sensor that can knows where it is in 3D space), he has successfully gotten data to his computer!

Why are we doing this? What is the point of using a Tinyduino?

Well, this project was designed to put the audience literally in the mind of Rama by having natural movement of a virtual camera in 3D space projected. That means that when the Rama on stage moves, the cameras move, making it look like you (the audience) is looking out through Rama's eyes. I thought of this idea to help integrate film and stage. We were looking for a way to do this and initially started off with the idea of using the Google Cardboard API. But thanks to Harry, we're going to experiment with using Unity Engine to live render this 360 degree video. So cross your fingers! 

Why the Tinyduino? 

Because it's small! If we want to track where a person is moving, and how their head is moving, we needed to have a IMU as small as possible so that it would be easy to integrate into costumes. I hadn't realised how large an Arudino UNO R3 is but when I was at Microcenter, I came across the Tinyduino. So after an impulsive purchase of an UNO, 1 hour later I found myself back in Boston traffic to return the Arudino and buy the Tinyduino. 
Tl;dr: It's really small and essentially an Arduino UNO the size of a quarter. 

We will have more updates for you soon! 

- Ben

Ben Kahan

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