360° POV VR Camera Rig: The First Attempt

Day 1 (Around mid-afternoon): 

To Do: 
- Rent 360° cameras (Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K) ✓ 
- Figure out how to record point-of-view with these cameras. 

Day 1.5 (Midnight):

Enter the bike helmet idea. Let's mount the cameras so that the person cannot be seen by the cameras. We faced the lenses away from the person (see below) and put them apart so that we figured that they would still be able to stitch together (Update: they did not). 

With out good friend Zip-Tie, we were able to roughly create a non-destructive camera rig. But we soon realised that it was not going to work...

It kind of worked... The cameras were too far apart to stitch correctly. We figured that it was since the cameras were so quickly attached that they weren't level and not on the same plane as each other, thus, making it hard to stitch. We quickly ditched this idea for a similar one. 

Day 1.75 (Sometime past midnight): 

So let's move the cameras closer together...maybe that will help...


Unfortunately, that didn't work. As you can see in the photos, the cameras are offset from each other and that made the rig fail... updates coming soon!

Ben Kahan

Ben Kahan Photography, 240 Appleton Street, Arlington, MA, 02476