DCD Woodshop Saves the Day!

Okay, so the first attempt didn't really work out. After a lot of sketches and Coke-Cola, Zeezee and I came up with the idea for a head mounted exoskeleton inspired design. We wanted to reduce the weight on the person and distribute it to the waist (away from the neck and head). 

(Photos coming soon!) 

After realizing that we would not be able to do this, we made a last ditch effort to try to find a woodshop. At the last minute, Mr. Clifford, the woodshop instructor at Dedham Country Day School, took precious time out of his day to help us make our dream become a reality. With my design, and his on-the-fly band saw cutting skills, we were able to create this marvelous head mount! 

Yes, the cuts are not perfect. Yes, there is still tape. Yes, it was unstable. But the design was in our hands and it fit. It's a prototype, it doesn't need to be perfect. The next step was to assemble the "spine". 

Ben Kahan

Ben Kahan Photography, 240 Appleton Street, Arlington, MA, 02476