The Big Day: The Exoskeleton Comes Alive!

10AM - Slowly roll out of bed and frantically text Harry to come to Zeezee's house. 
10:15AM - Make coffee (black) and eat half of a chocolate chip muffin. 

––Skip ahead a couple of hours and a couple of trips to Home Depot later––

I ask the question: What can't a Dremel do? Can it grind screws and create awesome sparks? I say yes. 

Dremel-ing screw heads with 60 grit sand paper at 30,000rpm and no eye protection...Thanks for the photos Harry!

The screws were nice and shiny! But what about that "spine" I was taking about? 

- Around 10 2x1.5x1.5in blocks with 5/8th hole through the center and the center ones with a shaved corner to allow articulation (Curtesy of Mr. Clifford from DCD) 
- 48in bungee cord with a hook cut off
- Around 20 eye hooks

With the Dremel-ing completed, I borrowed my model (Zeezee) and we ran down to the basement to try to put everything together. Since we didn't have the Velcro that we wanted, we used our favourite method of 'jankey' securing: blue painter's tape! 

I hope the idea is clear. Now the issue was securing the two pieces together (that's a different post!). 

8PM - Run out to JoAnn Fabric to pick up foam and velcro. 

And the head mount stays on your head! 

Ben Kahan

Ben Kahan Photography, 240 Appleton Street, Arlington, MA, 02476