360° Video! ...kind of

Wow. It's here. Finally. I guess, we did it? Well, that could be said. Thanks to the 360Fly and my wonderful engineering of a custom DIY immersive POV 360° VR-Ready camera rig, we filmed Act 1 Scene 7 of King's Dharma

So why the slight doubt that we did it? We still have to test it. Despite Harry not being mentioned much in the last few posts, he has been working incredibly hard on getting the TinyDuino to work (and it does! Video coming soon). For me, since I rotated the 360Fly HD 90°, I might have messed up the projection of the 360 video (although I might have misspoken since I did rotate the video as well). You can play with the video using your mouse or WASD keys to move around! 

Yes, there's some awkward stretching...we're trying to figure out what's going on.. Also, Zeezee's sister is standing in for Harry (who couldn't make the journey). 

Marvelous right?! So it's not the best video on YouTube, but it's definitely not the worst. However, we did learn some things after filming with the 360Fly.

  • 1504 x 1504 resolution is terrible. It's soft, looks like 360p when you view it on YouTube and a Premiere Pro VR Sequence. I tried to upscale the video to 2160p with the After Effects Detail Preserving Upscale effect and it helped, although you can see the interpolation.
  • The 360Fly is not true 360° video; it's somewhere around 360° by 240 (I believe). Maybe I messed up in the post processing step, but YouTube doesn't seem to understand that the video isn't technically spherical. While it doesn't matter for our purpose, I understand why it might be annoying. 

Okay, enough ranting; back to the creation of the film. After a 2 hour drive to Greenfield, MA, we came to the conclusion that Poet's Seat Tower was the designated filming location. Despite the 6in of snow and the freezing temperature, we spent 3 hours rehearsing the scene for 10 minutes of filming. Fun. And despite the fact that Zeezee's sister cannot be heard in the beginning, we were all very pleased with the end result. Now, the next step is to integrate the video with the TinyDuino!

Around 6pm today is when our test is scheduled so wish us luck! 

Ben Kahan

Ben Kahan Photography, 240 Appleton Street, Arlington, MA, 02476