It's Been a Long Year

1 year ago we started this the project which would later be called King's Dharma. We took a trip up to Zeezee's house in Vermont, and after watching the movie Inception, the entire story changed. 

We were inspired. We took what we knew from Inception, and initially mimicked the plot structure. Eventually it was decided that we should stray away from Nolan's story and create our own. 

A long night was ahead of us, as well as a long year. We thought that we could pull this off in 6 months. Little did we know that it would take us more than a year for the preproduction; something that we're still currently doing. 

So thank you for being with us for a whole year. This summer we plan on submitting the script and our story to Sundance's new innovation section. Who knows what will happen? We will also be checking out The Mill in Brooklyn, and Dartmouth's innovation lab as well. 

Continue to come back to the blog, we're going to try to vlog more. Stay tuned to a post about the DIY camera slider we made for under $30! 

Ben Kahan

Ben Kahan Photography, 240 Appleton Street, Arlington, MA, 02476