A word from the Producers: 

Andreas "Zeezee" Canning

Last year, I signed up for my school's Ramayana Production. I was not sure of the story, and quite frankly, I was most excited for the opportunity to be a part of the tech crew where I could explore my interest in lighting design for live theatre. I soon realized that my interest was changing. Through the script and talking with the director about bringing the stage to life, I took note of how meaningful, powerful, and touching The Ramayana was.

As a junior, I would like to channel this new passion I have for The Ramayana by producing a multimedia production that is unique, modern, and enjoyable, but most importantly, influential. 

Ben Kahan

When Zeezee came to me and asked for my assistance in The Ramayana, I was ecstatic. He offered me a position that was impossible to refuse, a chance to help direct both a film and a theatrical production. Ever since I was in seventh grade, I was in at least one theatre production a year so naturally, accepting Zeezee’s offer was instantaneous.

Being the director of photography for The Ramayana would be a potentially life changing experience. I said I would make a difference and this is a way to get me to my goal. Adding film to a live production seems impossible as those are generally seen as two different forms of entertainment. I hope that this year, my vision will be produced and I will have students following in my footsteps, building a movie production as they go. 


Our Goals:

In 2017, our team hopes to perform King's Dharma, providing new insight into Valmiki's The Ramayana by pioneering a modern way to interconnect theatre and film, keeping our school's tradition of student run shows. The Ramayana is a rich text with many lessons that have yet to be explored and learned. We do not wish to just bring this revolutionary story and all that it has to offer to the main stage, but to tell it with our own artistic flare– and we believe that the combination of film and theatre will allow us to do just that.


Some information:


Weston, MA (Outside of Boston)


-86 pages, written in WriterDuet
-Over 16,000 words

What are we doing now?


-Live VR Head Tracking with wireless Arduino and Unity Game Engine
-360° Video
-Live multi-camera broadcast
-Green screen and special effects

Tools we use